Lightbulb Moments

The Benefits of LED Lighting

Posted by Lauren Z. on Mar 14, 2017 2:41:57 PM

 Why are LEDs so valuable? LED lighting has many health and safety benefits as well as incentives and great savings! Check out our infographic to learn the many benefits of LED Lighting--

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Saving $ense and Energy

Posted by Lauren Z. on Feb 28, 2017 4:52:27 PM

The first of EDSS's new "Little David" video series, highlighting the benefits of energy efficient lighting and occupancy sensors. Watch Little David as he learns first hand that Occupancy Sensors are extra eyes in the back of his Mom's head. 

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But what about that Warm Glow?: LEDs and the Problem of Color

Posted by Helen H. on Oct 12, 2015 9:45:53 AM

LEDs have improved dramatically since they were introduced to the general lighting market, especially when it comes to color temperature and color rendering.

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Polish your Performance: Retrocommissioning

Posted by Helen H. on Sep 10, 2015 4:14:18 PM

In 1974, the Detroit Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts was slated for demolition. The Music Hall may have opened in opulent splendor with a Gershwin musical in 1928, but in its fifth decade the building was deserted. But Detroit stepped up. The community saved this stunning building from the wrecking ball, and since then the Music Hall has been tenderly restored to its original Spanish Renaissance and Art Deco design. Today, with its excellent acoustics and stellar sight lines, the hall has become one of the best places in Detroit to experience the performing arts—from compelling local acts to national jazz and theater talent.

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Finding the Right Light: Navigate the World of Lighting Retrofits

Posted by Allison C. on Jul 22, 2015 10:49:00 AM


Phase 1: Learning to Ask the Right Questions

We can’t emphasize it enough, lighting is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. It can change the way your customers view your product, increase your worker’s productivity, maintain safety, and change the overall feel of a room. But like many people we meet, you may be wondering what light is right for your business and overwhelmed at navigating the world of lighting. Here we’ll go into the process and the questions you should be asking along the way.

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