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Ladies in Leadership: Women-Owned Businesses in Michigan and Beyond

Posted by Helen H. on Sep 23, 2015 9:17:26 AM

When Congress established the Small Business Administration back in 1953, they did so to support the modestly-sized companies that play a crucial role in the American economy. Congress gave the SBA a special imperative to support these small businesses and, in particular, to foster those run by women and other disadvantaged groups. Congress realized that though women-owned businesses had become a major part of the American economy, “women, as a group, are subjected to discrimination in entrepreneurial endeavors due to their gender,” which made it hard to raise and securing capital or capturing market opportunities (Small Business Act of 1953 Section 2.H.C). We’re a woman-owned business here at EDSS, where women make crucial company decisions. Dawn Ely, our co-founder and owner, has guided our company’s development since our founding in 2007, and Sonja Berry, our COO, pilots the day to day operations alongside our CEO David Ely. Women even run three of EDSS’s five departments.

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