EDSS Joins Governor Rick Snyder and Michigan Economic Development Corp on 5th China Trade Mission

Posted by Helen H. on Sep 14, 2015 2:07:44 PM
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David Ely, President/CEO of Energy Design Service Systems, traveled to China last week with the state of Michigan and Governor Snyder to meet with potential business partners and Chinese economic organizations. Through the contacts he established on this trade mission, David has laid the foundation for expanding EDSS’s operations in Michigan and beyond as the company develops new export markets abroad.


The trade mission, organized by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s (MEDC) International Trade Office, is the group’s fifth collaborative effort to form a strong economic relationship with China’s powerhouse economic provinces. This partnership aims to increase exports, add jobs, and encourage international business investments in Michigan’s economy.
David has long realized the untapped potential for expanding his company’s consumer base into China through energy efficiency improvements within the country: “When I visited China the first time, I couldn’t see a half mile from the Great Wall. It was like we were in a fog all the time.” Once he experienced the immensity of the pollution problem, David realized he wanted to “bring EDSS in on the ground floor of energy audits to reduce their carbon footprint.” On this trade mission, David pursued that vision by speaking with several Chinese organizations about the importance of energy efficiency; focusing on EDSS services such as Facility Energy Audits (FEAs) and RetroCommissioning (RCx) that EDSS currently offers throughout the United States. David feels that these energy auditing services will flourish in the Chinese market, especially in small and medium size buildings where energy consumption is often overlooked.
EDSS was one of seven companies participating in the State of Michigan’s Trade Mission to China with MEDC leaders and Governor Rick Snyder. “China is an important and viable market for a wide range of products and services [produced in Michigan],” MEDC Chief Executive Officer Steve Arwood explains, "this trade mission will open doors for [Michigan] companies by helping them identify and enter into new relationships” and therefore new markets. Governor Snyder stated that "we have built strong relationships in China since our first mission in 2011 and we will continue to make the case that there is no better place in North America for Chinese companies to expand than in Michigan."
David notes that it was a pleasure to participate in this trade mission and EDSS is grateful for the opportunity to accompany Governor Snyder and work collaboratively to build Michigan’s economy. Traveling to China is just one of the many way EDSS is expanding their international reach to grow the company and capitalize on Michigan’s talented workforce.

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