EDSS Redesigns Retailers' Back of House (BOH)

Posted by Allison C. on Dec 22, 2016 4:16:07 PM

230605_ceilingshot1_rgb150_1.jpegDecember, 2016 | Whitmore Lake, MI- Retailers, Restaurants, and Franchisees often look at their front of house when evaluating upgrades as this is their face to their customers. “However, they’re missing a lot of savings from a maintenance-free back of house,” said David Ely, EDSS’s CEO. Replacing lighting in their back of house to LEDs can provide lower maintenance costs as LEDs have a longer life, lower operational costs, and a cleaner aesthetic for their employees.

EDSS works with retailers, and franchisees around the country to identify their individual needs, evaluate a lighting solution, improve their design, and provide them with energy efficient lighting paired with incentives to reduce their up-front cost. EDSS has proven that replacing traditional lighting with energy efficient LEDs can save up to 60% of annual energy costs, which can be a great benefit to lower monthly operational costs. Additionally, EDSS specializes in incentives including state & utility rebates and even federal tax deductions like EPAct 179D that provides eligible facilities with up to $1.80 per square foot based on the energy efficiency of their lighting, HVAC, and building envelope.

 “Many of our clients that have multiple locations, don’t realize that these incentives, like their energy savings, can add up quickly,” Stephanie Northrup, EDSS EPAct Coordinator said. “Let’s say a franchisee has 6 locations, around 1,400 sq.ft. each. If they upgraded their lighting to LEDs in the past year they may be eligible for a tax deduction of over $5,000. That’s five grand they didn’t even realize was available, and that amount could be more if they’ve made other improvements.”

EDSS has joined several franchisee organizations to introduce the energy and incentive savings to retailers and restaurants around the country, and as a trade ally, EDSS has registered as a distributor to provide clients with instant lighting discounts. David Ely, CEO spoke to the company at the annual year-end meeting, “We’re excited to be connecting with more retailers, restaurants, and franchisees this year. Working hard to become an extension of their company is what we’re all about. We’re here to help their stores become more efficient and profitable because ROI is key for a successful business.”

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